A retail world of seafood... a restaurants inspiration!

From the pre-dawn market run, we start shucking oysters whilst the stars are out. We're filleting fish before the cafe's open and we're 9 hours into our day before you start thinking about lunch! As the offices empty out of an evening we are ready to plate your dinner or wrap your fish for home! You'll find fresh fish and succulent prawns still waiting for you when you walk the dog at 8pm!

Richmond Oysters has been selling fresh, Australian produce direct to the public for over 50 years. If you've been a regular client of 20 years or just happened to purchase some salmon yesterday, our fishmonger Evan has been the face behind Melbourne's most impressive counter display of daily filleted fish, marinara, crustaceans and freshly shucked oysters! He hits the Melbourne wholesale markets Monday to Saturday, back at the shop before most of us think about hitting the snooze button.  

Our fishmonger Evan attends the Melbourne Seafood Centre Monday to Saturday. 
Some times tracking down the best value and highest quality requires hard bargaining with the vendors!

The window is replenished daily with a huge variety of fish, both filleted and whole. Keep an eye out for regular specials like our Atlantic Salmon fillets, rare delicious treats like Coral Trout fillets, kitchen prepared meals ready to cook at home like our Moreton Bay Bug Pies and house-made sauces. Immerse yourself in our oysters, shucked daily, and ask us about the perfect prawn for your next meal. Buy your fish now and leave it with us, while you enjoy a glass of wine and some oysters at the bar!

Purchase fresh produce from our daily display!

Sourcing only the highest quality seafood, our retail display window is located down the far left aisle of the restaurant. It is from this wondrous length of ice that our restaurant patrons create their own unique dining experience. With over 5000 possible combinations on any given day, your imagination is the only limit to what we can plate for you! Whether you're having a quite solo lunch to get away from the grind, or you're celebrating a landmark family birthday with special friends, Richmond Oysters is here to welcome you and your guests into our dining room. We value your company, and offer you our hospitality. 

Welcome, to the world of the Oyster!


Enjoy a cocktail at the bar!

Create a custom seafood platter for you and your guests!

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