Valentines Day Bookings

So did you leave booking that particularly special dinner for the year just a little bit too late? The restaurant is positively bursting at the seams this coming Saturday night, but we still have plenty of options for you to treat your better half to something extraordinary!

  • Saturday Lunch
    • If Saint Valentines Day is the non-negotiable day to celebrate, then why not spend a part of your afternoon enjoying an extravagant seafood showcase at Richmond Oysters? Bookings are still available between 11am and 3pm on Saturday. The full a la carte menu is available all day, plus we'll have a deluxe seafood sharing platter on offer for groups of two!
  • Friday Night
    • Have you considered spicing up the start of your weekend, blowing out on oyster shots and delving into the fresh fish cabinet for all your favourite crustacea, molluscs and seafood delicacies? We still have room available on Friday night, but get your booking in fast!
  • Sunday Lunch 
    • If you find the hustle and bustle and packed out restaurants of Valentines Day just a tad too much to bear, why not join us for a relaxed Sunday lunch (or dinner). Book now for the 15th of February and ease your way out of the week over a couple cocktails whilst grazing on local Australian seafood!

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