Hand-dived Irish Scallops on the menu!

Sustainability is an increasingly common theme when people discuss seafood. Customers have been asking us all sorts of detailed and considered questions about where our prawns come from, how our snapper was caught, what sort of shark our flake is, whether farmed Tasmanian salmon is sustainable etc. 

Certainly a significant spike in this interest was noticed after the airing of What's the Catch on SBS, a documentary campaigning for better labelling of seafood in restaurants and asking consumers to question the sustainability of what they eat. 

As part of our ongoing efforts to more effectively communicate the sustainable credentials of a lot of Australian seafood, we are looking at various imported products that also champion our place in the food chain as custodians of the sea. In the words of one British scallop diver: "We do it by tending a garden: the seabed. We look after it, we reap what it can healthily give us, and we leave the rest to replenish for the future."

We hope you enjoy this new special, sold individually for $11 a scallop. Enjoy the delicately balanced flavours and textures of:

A hand dived Irish scallop on a bed of pureed cauliflower, topped with a crispy apple salsa, powdered pork crackling and a sweet apple crisp.

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