Mother's Monday!

This Sunday is the most important day of the year, celebrating Mother's Day with all the family! Our restaurant is at full capacity for lunch and dinner, with scores of families booked in to enjoy an extensive seafood feast, but we still have some great options left to celebrate with your mum:

Seafood Platters @ Home
Crazy young kids running around at home? Let them play, and enjoy one of our stellar
catering seafood platters for all the adults... perfect with your favourite bubbles!
Saturday Lunch OR Monday Dinner
Still looking for somewhere to take Mum this special weekend?
Got to do it twice, once at home and once with the in-laws?
Why not book one of our openings on Monday Dinner or Saturday Lunch?

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Post by Julie Jackson on 07 May, 2015

Richmond Oysters is THE place to go for outstandingly fresh seafood at all times and for all occasions. It is a place where your senses are filled with the air and breeze of the ocean, the very presence of the sea….Memories of childhood mix with the very ultimate care in preparation and range of a stunningly delectable menu. Their service and professional attitude combines so well with their beautifully friendly staff. It is a place, a destination I love so well.