The Fish & Chip Platter

The heart of our business revolves around our seafood display cabinet. If you've managed to miss it running the full length of the restaurant we take our hat off to you! By far the most popular way to dine in our restaurant is sharing seafood. Over the last year we've been assisting this with tweaks to the menu by introducing easy to add items to our seafood platters & creating grazing platters. This has given you the ability to create your own meal from our market window, from our grazers and enhance even our deluxe seafood platters!

We feel the time is ripe now to reinvigorate your ability to customise your fish'n'chips and share it with your friends. So many people were starting to share the seafood basket, we've taken it to the next level for you. Let us introduce you to our new Fish'n'Chip Platter:

  • Start by choosing from our fresh local flake (gummy shark) or flathead
  • Get it cooked grilled, battered or crumbed
  • Enjoy grilled MSC certified Australian prawn cutlets grilled, local peninsular scallops crumbed, local peninsular calamari fried
  • Comes with chips (of course!) and a rocket-pear-pine-nut & parmesan salad

This platter is suitable for one hungry person, perfect for two to share and great for a table to nibble on with a broader range of seafood grazers and platters! Feel free to add to and modify your platter experience as much as you like, limited only by the expanse of our seafood display!

Check out our full Restaurant Menu online.

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