Dissostichus eleginoides - Toothfish from Glacier 51

We are privileged to work with a large variety of seafood, enjoying the best quality fish that our oceans have to offer. Australia is fortunate to have access to a peerless selection of favourite family staples such as flathead and gummy, as well as exotic tropical species in our red emperor and coral trout. But even amongst such diversity of flavour and texture, with seasons that offer wild barramundi or line-caught snapper, still there exists another culinary discovery beneath our seas. Let us introduce you to Patagonian Toothfish, an experience like no other!

The Glacier51 Toothfish is one of the worlds most revered specimens of high quality, sustainable seafood. You can enjoy it here at Richmond Oysters in our restaurant or take it home from our retail display 7 days a week! 

The Fish

In the fish world, just like in the meat world, there are grades of quality and perfection. This is as true between species as it is within the same family. Not every tuna is a sublime sashimi treat, and not every fish tastes good in a nice tempura batter. Some fish, however, stand in a class all of their own. Glacier51 Toothfish is such a specimen: the wagyu of the fish world!

Visually stunning with snow white flesh, toothfish flakes apart into perfect medallions of rich, bone-marrow-esque mouth coating flavour. High in fats and Omega 3, toothfish is a sought after fish for steaming, holding its shape and texture and presenting a pleasant palate with a clean, sweet flavour: the fish happily takes on oriental infusions like our soy-ginger-mirin sauce. For a more Western style, take a fillet with the skin still on and crispin it up on the grill to release those rich marbled fats along flakey medallions: drizzle it with lemon and possibly a touch of garlic butter!  


The Fishery

This unique species is caught by Austral Fisheries in the Australia's most remote Commonwealth managed fishery amongst Heard Island & the McDonald Islands. Heard Island is home to the Fiftyone Glacier, one of the largest in the Australian Antarctic, that flows along the south side of the island. It is from this glacier that the Glacier 51 takes its name - a special, sustainable & delicious fish!

Take a few moments to watch the video above, to receive a rare insight into the world of a highly remote, tightly managed sustainable fishery and relish the wondrous lengths that bring this fillet to your plate! 

HEARD ISLAND – Australian Antarctic Territory
Coordinates: 53˚11’S 73˚34’E
Location: Southern Indian Ocean
4,109 km SW of Perth, Western Australia
Elevation 9005 ft (2745 m) above sea level
Air Temperatures: -0.8˚ to 4.2˚C
Wind Speeds: Force 5 – 10 (33 kph to 95 kph)
Precipitation: Occurs on 75% of days (Including snow)
Wave heights: 5 to 10 metres



Austral Fisheries operate a Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certified sustainable fishery that undergoes rigorous annual stock assessments in collaboration with the Australia Antarctic Division. Every vessel in operation has two independent government monitors on board, to assess stock biodiversity levels, by-catch, the impact on other marine wildlife and research cruises to tag and release thousands of fish annually to improve our knowledge and management of the toothfish fishery. 

Glacier51 Toothfish is branded from only the premium 8-10kg specimens caught. Filleted aboard the vessel and carefully vacuum sealed and blast frozen, the fish sold at Richmond Oysters is the best of the best. You don't go to this much trouble to catch just a fish unless it's amazing!

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