Caviar & Champagne at your convenience!

We've been retailing Yarra Valley & Huon Tasmanian hand milked salmon roe for many a year, but some of you may not be aware we also stock a fine selection of authentic Sturgeon roe Caviar sourced from Italy and the Middle East.

You can purchase 30g serves of Beluga, Siberian & Oscietra caviar to enjoy at home from our retail display, or with a glass of champagne in our restaurant or at the bar! Also available are 10g serves of Yasa Elite and Royal caviar from it's traditional Persian homeland. 

Persian Yasa Caviar

Yasa is a sturgeon caviar of the Siberian ossetra variety. From light to dark grey in complexion, it's mesmerising shimmer hints at the opulent pleasure it holds. Each egg is distinguishable in the mouth: separating and popping on the palate. The taste is subtle, fresh and multi-faceted - changing with every bite! As its creamy, oceanic overtones drift away, the long lasting aftertaste of hazelnut permeates to the fore.

Enjoy the perfect individual indulgence of 10g of caviar served on ice with a pearl spoon and a glass of champagne from $80 per person!


Russian Art & Italian Taste - Caviar Giaveri

Caviar Giaveri is a name that connoisseurs increasingly consider synonymous with extra fine caviar. The real secret is simple: just as the quality of champagne begins in the vineyard, so the wellbeing of sturgeons determines the quality of caviar.

Care and attention dedicated over the years take their sturgeons to maturity. The extraction method and salting of the roe cannot improve anything, although it is essential to preserve and protect its original natural quality.

This is the philosophy of Caviar Giaveri. This the reason why their caviar is delicious!

Nature’s perfection can be imitated by simply respecting it. Caviar Giaveri is the true expression of a thirty year passion for excellence in fish farming. It is authentic and genuine, part of the Italian gastronomic culture that has discovered in this Russian tradition knowledge and folklore rich in history and devotion.

That’s why they have chosen to produce caviar on their own fish farms, protected and controlled to maintain the equilibrium of the species. Modern fish farming technologies make their facilities ecologically sustainable and safeguard their superb Russian sturgeon, which live almost as they would in the wild.

The aim of achieving a top quality product was behind their choice of working manually and packing the caviar themselves according to the Russian method based on manual traditions. 




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