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Osietra Caviar

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Sold in 30g tins

Product Description
Experience the unique taste and flavour of hand selected, highly refined Osietra caviar, with the minimum salting of Russian "malossol" tradition. 
Perfect identical crisp grains, with an intense golden brown colour and lasting taste of refined delight!

Sturgeon is currently on eof the species in danger of extinction included in the Washington Convention, whose breeding and sale are protected by the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES). Sturgeon fishing is prohibited except in very small quantities and permission is vary rarely granted even to legally authorised fisherman. As such, "wild" caviar is now almost non-existent, except as for that which comes from unauthorised and illegal fishing.

Purchasing caviar originating from an authorised farm and characterised by appropriate labelling is a valid commitment to supporting those who contribute legally to the preservation of this beautiful species of fish.

Caviar Giaveri is a world leader and sustaining member of the World Sturgeon Conservation Society. Their farms in Northern Italy produce some of the most ecologically sustainable Russian sturgeon caviar on the planet.

Russian Taste & Italian Art

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