Crustacean Platter

Product Description

Offering only the freshest and most succulent of Australian seafood, this platter is both a statement and a memory in and of itself. Enjoy lobster, xl-tiger prawns, smoked salmon, and Moreton Bay bugs all accompanied by our housemade sauces, and plenty of fresh lemon!

Unit of Sale

Sold individually on sturdy, ready-to-serve black platters.

  • 2 whole lobster (~450g each)
  • 2 kg QLD xl-tiger prawns
  • 1 kg Moreton Bay bugs
  • smoked Atlantic salmon

4-10 people

Note on servings
Seafood is often presented as a starter or a sharing platter as part of a larger meal. However, some do enjoy indulging solely on this beautiful produce! As such, serving suggestions are only provided as a guide. If you would like to cater for your guests more accurately, please contact us directly and we will help you work it out based on your specific needs.

Note on weights

All quantities are quoted at whole product weight.
We then peel, devein, clean and prepare the product for ease of consumption and best presentation.

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