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Whole Side of Ocean Trout

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Appearance is almost exactly the same as salmon, except the trout has a red stripe running from head to tail along the fin.  It also usually has a slightly more intense colour than salmon.


Firm texture, fleshy meat.


Trout is very similar to salmon, containing even more omega oils.  This imparts a slightly richer moister flavour.  It is not considered to be as strong in flavour as salmon.

Cooking Instructions

Ocean Trout Fillets is a perfect fish for grilling, its thin skin crisps beautifully when exposed to high temperatures and tastes delicious.  It is also suitable for steaming and can be used in stir-fries and curries.

Sourced from

The Ocean Trout Fillets we serve is a farmed fish, sourced from respected aquaculture farmers on the east coast of Tasmania.

Unit of Sale

Fresh fish at Richmond Oysters is sold by weight. Prices are set per kilogram. Online orders for fillets can be made in various size denominations. Fillets can be purchased skin on or skin off. Fillet weight is always taken skin on. Given the variable nature of filleting fish, fillets will often not be exactly the size you select.

Flavour Rating

Richmond Oysters gives ocean trout a flavour rating of 8.

Note on weights

Fresh product that is sold by weight will be weighed to within 20g of the specified portion. Sides weigh between 1kg -1.5kg, cost of 1kg is taken as a deposit with the remaining weight to be paid for on collection of order 

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